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We Believe:

1)   in the Bible as the inspired Word of God

2)   in the one, living, and true God, triune in nature and eternally being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

3)   in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ who, as very God and very man, yet one

      Christ, was: 

  • conceived by the Holy Spirit

  • born of the Virgin Mary

  • sinless in nature and life

  • full of the Holy Spirit without measure

  • authoritative in teaching and preaching

  • mighty and miraculous in ministry

  • crucified, dead, and buried

  • resurrected in power

and who…

  • ascended into heaven

  • intercedes before the Father on our behalf


4)   in the forgiveness of sins through the shed blood of Jesus alone

5)   in eternal life and salvation by grace through faith in Christ

6)   in the deity of the Holy Spirit who

  • indwells/fills us with the presence of God

  • anoints us unto fruit and good works

  • joins us together with all saints as Christ’s body, the church

  • equips us in power and spiritual gifts

  • leads us in our Christian walk


7)   in the commissioning of the church to carry—by Word, deed, and power—Christ’s gospel of the kingdom into all the world

8)   in the resurrection of the dead and in the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ who shall come to judge the living and the dead

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