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Robyn Thom Rodgers will be our guest speaker on Sunday, March 19th

Check out her website:

Kingdom Come: Presence & Power, with Ken Fish - March 24-26. 
Held at CITWC again this year! (6045 W. Bancroft St. Toledo, OH 43615)

REGISTER TODAY! (only $50 per person). If you need to bring children, they too must be registered for $25 each, call to register children: 513-505-3314.
Seating is limited!!  Click button to register  

The Creation Trail in the CITWC Nature Park

Based on a suggestion from Ron King, we are preparing to rename our Main Access Trail, which leads from the parking lot directly to the creek at the south boundary of the CITWC Nature Park, as the      Creation Trail. In order to accomplish this, the trail is to be lined with 31 scripture signs, one for each verse of Genesis chapter 1. These signs will need to be sponsored by our members. The cost per sign is $25.

In the App  If you are willing to sponsor a Creation Trail sign, please contribute $25 to  3500 - Ministries: Nature Park and mark SIGN in the memo.

By Check or cash         

If you are willing to sponsor a Creation Trail sign, Write all check to CITWC, In the memo mark: Creation Sign

If you would like you could give to our ministry by downloading the

'' app on a smartphone OR create an account online.

We have focused our Missions giving to those organizations we have a closer relationship with.  We give monthly support to the following: Crossfire International, The Tabernacle, Foundation for Life and The Pregnancy Center

Mark your giving:  MISSIONS  (on the app it's 3600 - Missions, and you can specify which mission in the memo or just give to our general missions fund).

Call us if you have questions:  419-865-6886

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