DUE TO COVID-19 We are sanitizing surfaces each time people use the building.  We implemented social distancing and masks.  

Words R Water: Benefits of Writing Through Trauma

Virtual Workshop


April 10, 9 am - 12:30 pm

Coach: Janet Boswell   

Cost: $15

Register today at:

MULCH DRIVE  (March 28 - May 9)

We need mulch to spruce up the property                      

(the Landscaping Day will be May 15).

You can donate brown mulch or

give $$$ so we can buy mulch.

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If you would like you could give

to our ministry by downloading the

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We are refocusing our Missions giving to those organizations we have a closer relationship with.  We will give monthly support to the following groups: Crossfire International, The Tabernacle, Foundation for Life, and The Pregnancy Center.    Mark your giving:  MISSIONS   

Call us if you have questions:  419-865-6886