PASTOR APPRECIATION Month is here again! Please show our pastors appreciation with encouraging phone calls, letters, emails and gifts (Ron & Lily King, Caleb & Amy King, Randy & Adrienne Lindhurst and Randy & Deanna Dickinson). If you would like you can give to them through the church by marking your giving:  PASTORS  OR if you want you can specify Ron King or Caleb King.

In the App you can give to:

  5400 - Love Offering: Ron King   and/or   5400 - Love Offering: Caleb King

CITWC Nature Park Work Day - Saturday, October 16, 10 am - 12 pm.  

Bring a shovel and work gloves if you have them.  

If you would like you could give

to our ministry by downloading the

'' app on a smartphone 

OR create an account online.

We have focused our Missions giving to those organizations we have a closer relationship with.  We give monthly support to the following: Crossfire International, The Tabernacle, Foundation for Life, and The Pregnancy Center.   

Mark your giving:  MISSIONS  (on the app it's                3600 - Missions, and you can specify which mission in the memo or just give to our general missions fund)

We also want to highlight Global Catalytic Ministries which helps convert and disciple Muslims. Mark your giving: Global

Call us if you have questions:  419-865-6886