Don’t miss our Service on Tuesdays, 7 - 8 pm.

To celebrate World Outreach Weekend we will have Guest Speaker

Pastor Joe Dewhurst here on October 23rd at our 10:30 am service.  

Pastor Joe Dewhurst is the president and founder of Crossfire International. He has a Bachelors degree in Theology and a Masters degree in Counseling.  Pastor Joe speaks fluent Spanish regularly preaching, teaching, and directing Crossfire International meetings in Spanish in Latin American countries. He writes the Crossfire cell lessons, sermons, discipleship materials, camp and crusade themes that are translated into 8 languages and used by our Crossfire leaders worldwide. He has trained thousands of pastors and leaders, preached to thousands in attendance at crusades and camps worldwide, and directed mission trips all over the world.

Pastor Joe began full time ministry in 1997 as a youth and young adult pastor where he started the first Crossfire. Over the next several years Crossfire grew and pastors and leaders began

to invite him and Crossfire leadership teams to implement the

Crossfire structure in their churches

across the United States and in nations all over the world.

He has since traveled to 73 countries in 6 continents. 

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