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Ron King

Ron is the original founder of CITWC. While Ron has served as the lead pastor over the years, he has been more focused on the apostolic role of the Church and planting churches around the world. Ron is married to Lily King who pastors and counsels  women. She is also a teacher of the Word. They have 5 children and 22 grandchildren. They have been married for 54 years.


Caleb King

Caleb Loves Jesus, his family, and the Dallas Cowboys (in that order). His heart at CITWC is for God's people to walk out the mercy and grace that they received from Jesus, to show others who Jesus is! Caleb often shares the word on Sundays in a fun, energetic, relevant way. He is married to Amy who serves by his side and they have 2 children (Isaac and Lainey). 

Randy Lindhurst

Randy's gifting is prophetic Evangelism, especially in the workplace. He serves as the team leader of Prayer Ministry, and shares the message from time to time. Randy is married to Adrienne, has 4 Children, and a few Grandchildren. His stories are endless about the lives he has touched within the workplace. 


Randy Dickinson

Alan & Bunny Ashby,
Jeremy & Sarah Dudzik,

Joshua & Joanna Foster


The diaconate (or Deacons), serve the church in various ways by taking tasks off the plate of the Elders, so they can focus on Prayer and ministry of the Word of God (see Acts 6:4).  The offices of Elder and Deacon and the five-fold ministry gifts were set up by the Lord, and are in use here at CITWC.  They are not just titles given by men.  The people chosen by God to fulfill these offices and gifts must function in them.

Jamie Dudzik,
Joshua & Joanna Foster,
Amy King and
Heath Woodward

We are excited about the future of our Children's Ministry (Kingdom Kids). We have a great leadership team, and some new excited teachers who want to share the knowledge and love of Jesus with every child that walks through our doors!  Every child is precious and loved and we love to see them learn and grow.  

Lexi Kear

Lexi is excited to

lead our kids in this area of

Seasonal Kids Events, where the kids can come together and have fun and build deeper friendships.

Jeremy & Sarah Dudzik, Ryan Kear, Caleb King

We are excited to lead this Youth Group as a team of leaders.   We have a great group of kids and leaders who are excited to work together to know more of this great God we serve.

Elders and wives

       Children's Leadership Team

Youth Leadership Team

The Dickinsons have pastored a number of churches in three states for over 30 years. Randy preaches, teaches and has gifts of leadership and administration. Deanna is an anointed worship leader, musician and personal minister to women of all ages. In response to God’s Kingdom mandate, they have a desire to spiritually parent the next generations to become fully mature disciples.


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